The 8th Air Force Sketchbook

by Roy Colchester

About Roy's Sketchbook

Roy created this sketchbook as a boy living in the area of RAF Mendlesham Air Force Base during WWII. He has protected it through the years, but not many people outside of Mendlesham have seen it. I was very fortunate to have the honor of working with him to scan and publish his sketchbook electronicly so others can see it as well.

I met Roy on my first visit to Mendlesham in 2012 through a acquantainces I made researching my father's WWII pictures. We met again in 201 on my second trip to Mendlesham for the dedication of the new Mendlesham War Memorial in November 2014. On that trip I brought all my scanning gear, and we spend an entire afternoon scanning the sketchbook page by page at his home in Mendlesham.

Here is a short video segment by Sarah Lucy Brown where Roy provides some background on his sketches.

Download "The 8th Air Force" by Roy Colchester

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"The 8th Airforce" by Roy Colchester is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.