USSD Colorado Tournament

November 10th, 2002

My first tournament

This year I got to participate as a first-timer in the United Studios of Self Defense Kempo Karate Tournament. I found sparing and performing Katas in a public competition to be quite an broadening experience. Sparing with strangers is quite different than sparing with your friends at your own school. You have to pay attention and pick up their strengths and weaknessess quickly. As a yellow-belt who is early in his Karate career, I didn't place well in the sparring competition, but had a lot of fun and learned a lot by watching others.

Sensei James and the Kids

Sensei James, Sensei David, and Sensei Mason pose with the kids from the school with their trophies


I got carried away and created a little montage blending the schools logo and pictures from the tournament