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John's Pictures
Pictures John took on the trip

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IMGP2969 IMGP2971 IMGP2972 IMGP2973 IMGP2974 IMGP2975 IMGP2976 IMGP2996 IMGP2997 IMGP2998 IMGP2999 IMGP3000 IMGP3001 IMGP3002 IMGP3003 IMGP3004 IMGP3005 IMGP3006 IMGP3007 IMGP3008 IMGP3009 IMGP3010 IMGP3011 IMGP3014 IMGP3015 IMGP3016 IMGP3017 IMGP3018 IMGP3019 IMGP3022 IMGP3024 IMGP3025
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