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Bill & Elaine's Pictures
Pictures Bill and Elaine took on the trip

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DSCN0592 DSCN0593 DSCN0595 DSCN0596 DSCN0598 DSCN0599 DSCN0600 DSCN0603 DSCN0604 DSCN0605 DSCN0606 DSCN0607 DSCN0608 DSCN0610 DSCN0611 DSCN0614 DSCN0617 DSCN0618 DSCN0620 DSCN0621 DSCN0622 DSCN0623 DSCN0626 DSCN0627 DSCN0628 DSCN0630 DSCN0631 DSCN0632 DSCN0633 DSCN0634 DSCN0635 DSCN0636
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